Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Those Were The Days (II)

I should point out at this early stage that Roman numerals aren't my strong suit. If these thread titles get beyond about XIII, I'll be coming up with combinations that would have any respectable Roman wetting his toga laughing.

Now where was I? Ah yes. The bane of my life. It wasn't so much that there wasn't room in the house for two dogs. There was. I'm a sociable chap, my level of self-esteem is on the plus side of normal, I can cope with company of my ilk.

Here's the problem. She wasn't a dog. She was a princess. Where did she sleep? On her owner's bed. I hear a chorus of "that's not unusual". How about sleeping on her owner's pillow wrapped around her owner's head? Cupping my oversized paw to my oversized ear, what do I hear?



Oops. Hang on. That's Italian. I'm not in Italy yet.

So you're getting my drift? As far as sharing lodgings with princesses go, it was like trying to live under the same roof with Barbra Streisand.

And speaking of Barbra Streisand, here she is primed to launch into "Evergreen":

Enough said?


Alyson said...

I'm speechless!! What an amazingly talented dog you are! Looking forward to the next installment ;)

Dermott said...

Woof, Alyson. They have no idea what I get up to when they're either (a) in their studio painting, or (b) in the kitchen cooking or the garden gardening.

Any tips on how a dog with plate-sized paws can use a computer keyboard? Watch this. I'll try to hit the letter A:


See what I mean? Makes for painfully slow posting.

Anonymous said...

You're going to be in such trouble!

And I want my pyjamas back. Now!

Dermott said...

Yeah yeah. Get your own blog. Little white rat.

Alyson said...

You should try a special "kiddie keyboard" with extra large buttons. That should do the trick ;))

Dermott said...

Mmmm. Well, I just turned seven, I suppose that qualifies me for a kiddie keyboard.

My other problem is bits of bone in the keyboard's workings. Any suggestions? Apart from chew with my mouth closed?

Giusi said...

So it's been days and days without a post. What's up, Derm?

Dermott said...

I am currently prevented from posting on account of legal action in the form of an injunction instigated by the little white rat alleging defamation. How was I to know she'd take the Barbra Streisand crack personally?

Judith in Umbria (formerly known as Giusi) said...

Hey, I have an Australian friend who is coming to visit, and she is holding out until she knows whether she can get a date with you... so how about some new posts? No take on the Italian post office? Italian drivers? Leftover pasta?

Anonymous said...

Come on Derm, sit on her! That'll sort it all out.

Dermott said...

Judith - you should make it known to your Australian friend, vis à vis what she's holding out for, that I could well have titled this blog Nutless In Castiglion Fiorentino.

But I give good foot rubs.

Anonymous - the matter is in hand. Or even paw.