Wednesday, 31 October 2007

When in Castieleforintosomething, do as the Castieleforintosomethings do

By which I mean speak the language. It's called Italian.

Phenomenally intelligent boofhead that I am, I mastered the lingo in a trice. I have an ear for language. Here's one of them:

Even if I still can't get my big pink tongue around the name of this village. But I'm working on it.

Barbra? Well, let's get scientific for a moment. As well as an ear for language, I also have a nose for science. Here it is:

But back to Barbra and science. It's a known scientific fact that atmospheric pressure will crush an empty vessel. Which is to say, a vessel containing nothing. Nix. A vacuum.

Why then hasn't atmospheric pressure crushed Barbra's brain box before this?

Per esempio, she thought she'd tackle learning Italian. She started with all the best intentions.

Two seconds later:

Firmly ensconced in the Land of Nod.

I'm fast losing faith in science.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you tell them what happens when we go to grooming, Uh! Tell them about the lunatic performance a cowardy-custard OES puts on trying to scramble up on the grooming table so that nice Italian lady will think you've already had a bath. You might be able to say 'acqua calda' but you can't face it!

Dermott said...

Yeah yeah, Barbra, some of us have the courage to post under our real names. Cowardly custard? There's no hyphen in cowardly custard, either. Your grasp of Italian surpasses your grasp of English.

Judith in Umbria said...

Parliamo di capacità o di impegni? Mentre hai tu abastanza charme, Barbara ha il cuore della donna di casa. Stia meglio di guardarti, Dermotto. Viene la rivoluzione, potrebbero essere proprio i guai.

Dermott said...

Rilassati. Viene la rivoluzione, noi ragazzi la supereremo.