Monday, 22 September 2008

Summer Summer, Wherefore Art Thou Summer?

Yes, I've been on holidays. Reading Shakespeare. He's some English coot fond of a bit of a scribble. English? It's not like any English language this boofhead has come across before.

Be that as it may, as I set off on my holiday, my change of undies and a clean hanky tied up inside a spotted cloth tied to a pole slung across my shoulder, two euros and my name and address in an envelope pinned to my boofy chest in case I got lost, someone gave me a Blackberry. It's the latest, coolest thing, they said.

I ate it.

On the whole, as soft fruits go, I prefer a Strawberry. You don't end up picking bits of silicon chip out of your boofy teeth.

But I digress.

I returned to this Italian village with the unpronounceable name to discover the temperature had dropped verging on 20 degrees. What happened to summer? What happened to my leisurely days and nights bludging food from the neighbours?

My cisterna was there, their summer dining table was there. But they weren't:

The sudden onset of autumn chill had sent them inside to eat. So who, now, cleans up their leftover panini, pizza, pane and other assorted boofhead delicacies?

That's something for me to contemplate over the winter as I thumb through Shakespeare's latest offering. I'm told it's due out soon, something about some Prince of Denmark or somewhere.


Judith in Umbria said...

Mi sento la tua tristezza.

I didn't notice your opposable thumbs dear. It should open many doors for you.

Stew Magoo said...

A Boofy post! Insight and wisdom from the ageless, timeless and hungriest boof around (aside from mine own). Please, more more more more more (I know you are used to this having dealt with the other ravenous appetite)!

Dermott said...

Judith - I didn't notice my opposable thumbs either until I suddenly opened a can of Cat and Curried Dolphin and stood there wondering how the heck I managed it. Lo and behold, opposable thumbs. Talk about mysterious.

Yo Stew. Insight and wisdom? As I've always said, "Give a thousand boofheads a thousand typewriters and they'll eat them."

Stew Magoo said...

Dermott, if a Boofheads uses a typewriter, would it be appropriate to call it a "boofwriter"?

Nevermind. Is it acceptable that I've begun calling my Zoe beaner bear a Boofhead?

I can't help it. She's so BOOFY


Dermott said...

Only if the typewriter has a ribbon in it. Otherwise it could be called a complete and utter waste of boofy energy.

I hereby annoint Zoe an officially accredited Boofhead.

She may now kiss my ring.

Scintilla said...

You've been (dog) tagged.
Mi dispiace !