Saturday, 10 November 2007

Etiquette for Boofheads #1

Remember: they didn't buy the couch for you


Oscar said...

Which one's the boofhead again? Hard to tell from this angle.


Dermott said...

Yeah yeah, Oscar. Back into your cage with the little wheel in it.

Judith in Yumbria said...

Depends on your definition of boofer perhaps. Which of the two is more relaxed, willing to expose all to the passing world? Which looks like he owns the sofa? Which of the two maintains a defensive posture, as if he might be evicted from sofa world at any moment?

Dermott said...

Right on! As one of my far distant relations might have said circa 1968.

Even if you haven't got it - thanks to a vet's knife when I was a bub - flaunt it! That's my boofy credo.

Oscar said...

Hello boofy,

Thanks for sending that tasty treat over last night care of the 2 legged ones. You may insult me and call me anything you like if there's food involved!

As for getting your picture to appear next to your comments to my mum's posts, you need to set up an account with - very simple really :)


Dermott said...

I'm speechless. I'm apoplectic. My boofy head is spinning with the outrage of it all. I've already posted on the deaf cat's blog about the matter of the stolen Schmacko!

And I already set up an account!

Oscar said...

What can I say to describe your technical savvy? Boofhead! MUHAHA!

Deaf cat is slightly more sympathetic... she's posted some helpful tips in reply to your post. Of course, all you've really done is make her feel MORE superior (didn't realise that was even possible for a cat).

As for stolen property, go and file a denuncio at the carabinieri :P ... although, I've had my morning crap so you're welcome to sift through and get your stuff back :D

Dermott said...

Yeah yeah, you stumpy-legged Mexican powder puff. I'm currently working on my next blog post.

Just wait. Just you wait.