Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Boofheads And Painters Don't Mix

The two-legged dogs can't leave well enough alone. Now they've decided to get the place painted.

End result?

My ordered world reduced to chaos.

Worst of all, my beloved snoozing spot has been taken from me:

Where, once, this was the order of the day:

I'm now reduced to this:

And to think that my mother and uncle were both Dulux dogs, used in advertisements to flog Dulux paint in Australia.

They're out of my will.


Robyn said...

If I ever catch you on that couch....
In fact I'm looking up the Italian word for pound right now. Shortly after that I will be looking up the phone number!

Dermott said...

Yeah yeah, you have no idea what Barbra and I get up to on that couch when you're out. Remember "Last Tango In Paris"? Pass the butter, Barbra.

Judith in Yumbria said...

robyn, I think rifugio is what you want.

Dermott, you look like a mountainous rug in your new spot. Very fetching.

As to the other, in your dreams.

Dermott said...

You mean my old spot!

As to the other, I lick my oversized paws afterwards. Hence the cholesterol count.