Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Is There No End To The Madness?

You're not voted Best Groomed Boofhead at the local parco without effort.

It takes time. It takes care.

It takes a bathroom.

Yesterday I padded into the bathroom for a relaxing wallow in the beauty suds followed by a spot of eyelash tweaking and nose-hair extraction.

What did I find?

The two-legged dogs had destroyed the place!

They've gone mad. First it was painting, now they're ripping the place apart.

This place is rapidly going to the, um, dogs!


Giusi said...

You have just oh so gracefully illustrated why it is a mistake to rely on banalities. Congratulations.

Dermott said...

Thanks. I thought I was just having a boofheaded grizzle.

Robyn said...

Dermott - Who do you think you're kidding? I've never seen you take willingly to a bath in your life. And you've got so much cement dust in you at the moment, I fear if you get damp, we will be able to erect you as a statue in the village square.

Dermott said...

Yeah yeah, enough already, or I'll tell them you washed your hair in the kitchen sink.