Monday, 31 December 2007

Lie Back And Think Of Vesuvius

Remember this?

The two-legged dogs' attempt to turn their bathroom from a sanitary relic of the Middle Ages into something which left you vaguely cleaner after you left than before you went in?

Yet again, they've outdone themselves.

Now when I pad into the bathroom for a spot of wallowing in the beauty suds and a brisk bit of bikini-line waxing, this is what confronts me:

Something out of Pompeii circa 78AD.

I'm currently hunting e-Bay for a toga fit for a boofhead.

I've circled the Ides of March on the calendar.*

The only good news is that Castigleonfia Firuntinaro - or whatever this village is called - is relatively volcano-free.

In fact, the closest thing to Vesuvius around here is any peto of mine.

* Yeah yeah, history pedants. The original Ides of March fell about 134 years before Vesuvius blew its proverbial cork. Even boofheads are allowed dramatic licence.


Giusi said...

Ummm, nice surroundings, Dermott, really nice, indeed!
But you do know the Appenines are old volcanoes, right? And that the tremors we get are from the fault we sit upon? Not to scare you but it can all change any day at all.
So I think you should learn to love cats as pals and come over here so when the big one blows open again I can hug your furry self so you won't be frightened. We'll go together into the abyss.

Anonymous said...

Too much snoring. Not enough blogging!

Quilt Knit said...

I hope your Toga has arrived for the splish splash in that Pompeii wall to wall Bathing. You did get the warm swirling water also? Just like the originals?
Beautiful. Thanks for sharing Demott.