Wednesday, 31 December 2008

One For The Boofheads Of The World!

It has been brought to my boofy attention vis-à-vis my most recent post - here's a link to it if you can't be buggered scrolling down - that I have come to the attention of artista Katherine Tyrrell before.

In fact, last year. In her Making a Mark awards, to be precise. The same awards in which I featured this year. Only twelve months ago. Just to clear up the timeline.

It transpires that not only was I nominated in the same category for which I was mentioned this year - losing out to a damn cat!, the horror! the horror! - but I was also, in fact, the actual recipient of an award!

Indeed, the 2007 Amusing Musings Trophy was mine.

I only wish I'd known. Do they forget to tell the Coen Brothers when they've won an Oscar?

I can only put the problem down to the machinations of artista Tyrrell's cat - the despicable Cosmo - who more than likely intercepted the email carrying the tidings to me.

How often does a boofhead get to make an award acceptance speech? Ask Sally Field.

Unlike Sally Field, I'm only a boofhead, not a boofhead and a slapper, so my acceptance speech wouldn't assume anyone liked me and certainly wouldn't go as far as to thank the single-cell thingy that crawled out of the primeval swamp without which I wouldn't be here.

Instead, with every ounce of sincerity I could muster, and beg and borrow and probably even steal, I would simply say that This Is One For The Boofheads Of The World.

Excluding Sally Field.


Robyn said...

If you could get your head out of your crotch occasionally, Dermott you would have heard me congratulate you at the time!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

So that wasn't you after all who was blushing and making the first comment on my post last year which announced your big win - as highlighted above?

Cosmos says it must be the little grey memory cells getting even littler. Apparently, according to him, that's the way it goes if you're a dog..... He definitely didn't think it had anything at all to do with being a boy because of course he's a boy too so that couldn't possibly be the explanation....

rusty, geiger and sporran said...

We might be more effusive in our congratulations if you were less deraogatory in your opinion of our kind.
But,being gracious, we say:"Well done."

Dermott said...

Katherine - I have examined in forensic detail said post to which you refer on your blog of last year and can hereby officially deny any knowledge. I suspect the conspiratorial paw of Cosmo, who, unknown to you, while you're out cruising the galleries, has turned himself into a computer hacker extraordinaire, singlehandedly responsible for the near demise of Northern Rock, having hacked into their data base thinking he'd find suckable sweets.

Rusty, Geiger and Sporran. Visitors from the Dark Side. Welcome. Please post again with your respective weights on account of I need to calculate cooking times.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Cosmo does spend an awful lot of time trying to get on my knee so he can get more practice at developing his keyboard skills - I'll give you that!

The notion that cats are brighter than bankers I can also go with....

Dermott said...

Put it this way - blindfold Cosmo when you're logging into your online banking.

Dermott said...

"If you could get your head out of your crotch occasionally, Dermott you would have heard me congratulate you at the time!"


Somehow this one slipped by me. A charming image from an artista.

So I can have a lick when I feel like it. You should be so lucky.